Nova-Tech LMI Series HH Metering Pump User Manual

Page 18

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Checking Pump for Proper Zero Po-
sition (Stroke Knob)

1.With pump running, turn stroke knob counter-clockwise
toward zero or end of black or red band on dial.

2. LISTEN to the clicking as the pump is running. The pump
should operate quietly at the zero position (no clicking).

3. If the pump continues to click at zero or stops clicking before
zero is reached, the pump zero must be reset.

9.1 Push on Knob

Re-Zeroing and Stroke Knob Disassembly and Assembly

1.Remove stroke knob from the pump by grasping the knob
firmly and pulling it toward you.

2.Pry off the yellow cap.

3.Place the knob on a flat surface.

4.Using needle-nose pliers, squeeze the inner section together
while lifting the outer section up.

5.Push the inner section back onto the “D” shaped stroke shaft.

6.With the pump running, zero the pump by turning the inner
section of the knob counter-clockwise until the pump stops

7. Position the outer section of the knob so that the pointer aligns

with zero on the nameplate or end of the black or red band.

8. Push down on the outer section (a snap sound indicates parts
are locked together).

9. Replace the yellow cap over the outer section of the knob,
aligning the tabs on the cap with the slots inside the knob.