Cautions – ZOLL X Series Monitor Defibrillator Rev A User Manual

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9650-000840-01 Rev. A

When in use on a defibrillator/monitor, if the battery pack indicates a fault condition or any

operating state that can prevent the effective use of the defibrillator/monitor, replace that

battery pack as soon as possible.

Do not place foreign objects into battery sockets.

Do not use the SurePower II Battery Pack in the presence of flammable agents (such as

gasoline), oxygen-rich atmospheres, or flammable anesthetics. Using the device in the

presence of flammable agents can cause an explosion.

Do not immerse or set the SurePower II Battery Pack in liquid. Using the battery near or

within puddles of water may present a shock hazard to the operator, patient, and nearby


Use only ZOLL chargers to charge ZOLL batteries.

If the display indicators on the SurePower II Battery Pack are not consistent with the
indicators on the SurePower


Charger Station, a fault condition may be present. Remove

the battery from service as soon as practical, and verify the correct operation of the charger,

defibrillator, and battery.


Follow all recommended maintenance instructions. If a problem occurs, obtain service


Do not use alcohol or ketones (MEK, acetone, etc.) to clean SurePower II Battery Packs.

Do not sterilize or autoclave SurePower II Battery Packs.

Avoid storage of fully depleted battery packs.

Do not install batteries into a defibrillator/monitor unit that is not plugged into live AC

mains when storage may exceed 90 days. Battery damage may occur.

If you are disposing of a SurePower II Battery Pack, contact your local authorities to

determine the requirements for the recycling and disposal of electrical equipment and follow

those requirements.


SurePower II Battery Packs may feel warm to the touch following a large number of shocks

delivered at maximum energy or after recharging.

You can get additional information about the SurePower II Battery Pack and its use from the

appropriate ZOLL defibrillator/monitor operator’s guide (for example, labeling information

-- symbols used, Serial Number format, Date of Manufacture, and so on).