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<4. Engineering>


IM 11B06F01-01E

4. Engineering

ASIU requires the engineering at installation, and modification.
The install procedure of FCN is referred to “STARDOM FCN/FCJ Software Installation” (IM

34P02Q91-01E), and “STARDOM FCN/FCJ Guide” (IM 34P02Q01-01E).

4.1 Installation

This section explains the setup of FCN, license registration, loading of the application software,

initializing of IP address and assignment of I/O cards.

4.1.1 Preparation


Installation of the engineering tool

Install the resource configurator software from CD-ROM (NT203AJ-PC11E) to PC.
Resource configurator software is an engineering tool for STARDOM FCN/FCJ.


Installation of the ASIU software

Set the ASIU application software CD on PC.
Uncompress the following compressed file on PC.


Confirm the following folder is created.

[Uncompressed folder]/INSTALL_ASIU


Initial setting


Loading the license file

Download the FCN license file from the STARDOM license publishing web site.
Refer to D1. License in “STARDOM FCN/FCJ Guide (IM 34P02Q01-01E) about the license.

4th Edition : Nov. 22, 2011-00

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