Safety precautions, Nwarning and disclaimer – Yokogawa GC1000 Mark II Process Gas Chromatograph User Manual

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IM 11B06F01-01E

Safety Precautions

• In order to protect the system controlled by the product and the product itself and ensure

safe operation, observe the safety precautions described in this user’s manual. We assume

no liability for safety if users fail to observe these instructions when operating the product.

• Modification of the product is strictly prohibited.


Notes on Handling User’s Manuals

• Please hand over the user’s manuals to your end users so that they can keep the user’s

manuals on hand for convenient reference.

• Please read the information thoroughly before using the product.
• The purpose of these user’s manuals is not to warrant that the product is well suited to any

particular purpose but rather to describe the functional details of the product.

• No part of the user’s manuals may be transferred or reproduced without prior written con-

sent from YOKOGAWA.

• YOKOGAWA reserves the right to make improvements in the user’s manuals and product at

any time, without notice or obligation.

• If you have any questions, or you find mistakes or omissions in the user’s manuals, please

contact our sales representative or your local distributor.


Warning and Disclaimer

The product is provided on an “as is” basis. YOKOGAWA shall have neither liability nor respon-

sibility to any person or entity with respect to any direct or indirect loss or damage arising from

using the product or any defect of the product that YOKOGAWA can not predict in advance.


Notes on Software

• YOKOGAWA makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, with respect to the soft-

ware’s merchantability or suitability for any particular purpose, except as specified in the

terms of warranty.

• This product may be used on a machine only. If you need to use the product on another

machine, you must purchase another product.

• It is strictly prohibited to reproduce the product except for the purpose of backup.
• Store the CD-ROM (the original medium) in a safe place.
• It is strictly prohibited to perform any reverse-engineering operation, such as reverse compi-

lation or reverse assembling on the product.

• No part of the product may be transferred, converted or sublet for use by any third party,

without prior written consent from YOKOGAWA.

4th Edition : Nov. 22, 2011-00

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