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IM 11B06F01-01E


Modification work

There are 2 modification works at site. One is to change of IP address and the other is to change

an assignment of I/O terminal. Here explains how to change the assignment of I/O terminal. This

work requires the resource configurator.


Assignment of I/O terminal

ASIU application accesses Device Label, which is DI variable, DO variable and AI variable. It is

accessible by assignment of Device Label into I/O terminal. This assignment work is executed

after the following works are completed. Loading of ASIU application and the license, and setting

of IP address.
The following Device Label in the table is defined in an ASIU. Assign these Device Label into I/O

module terminal by resource configurator.


Device label

Data Range


Analog input





0.0 - 1.0

0.0 - 1.0


0.0 - 1.0

Correspond to AI01 in Modbus table

Correspond to AI02 in Modbus table


Correspond to AI16 in Modbus table

Degital input






Correspond to DI01 in Modbus table

Correspond to DI02 in Modbus table


Correspond to DI16 in Modbus table

Degital output






Correspond to DO01 in Modbus table

Correspond to DO02 in Modbus table


Correspond to DO16 in Modbus table

(1) Start Resource Configurator

Connect ASIU to a PC for operation by Ethernet. Turn on ASIU and start Resource Configu-

rator on the PC.

(2) Connect to ASIU

Press Connect at Menu bar, and then input IP address of ASIU. The information inside ASIU

is uploaded from ASIU and displayed.

(3) Verify the project

Display the project information in the uploaded one from ASIU, and then confirm that the

project name is "ASIU". When the project name is different, re-execute the setting of system

card at Initial Setting of ASIU.

4th Edition : Nov. 22, 2011-00

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