Yokogawa GC1000 Mark II Process Gas Chromatograph User Manual

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IM 11B06F01-01E


Setting the system card

Set the system compact flash card for FCN to PC by USB adaptor.
Run the following batch file.

[Uncompressed folder]/INSTALL_ASIU/install_ASIU.bat

This batch file sets the ASIU application and system setting file on the system card.
System setting file includes initial IP address setting.
The initial IP address can be changed later.
After writing, the system card set on the CPU card of FCN, and turn on the FCN.

Initial IP address =


Do not format the system compact flash card. The card becomes invalid and new one is required.


Initializing with resource configurator

The method of initial setting operation with resource configurator is described on the instruction

manual of FCN.
The work flow is described in this chapter. However, refer to the instruction manual for details of

each operation.
(1) Setting the IP address

Refer to 4.3.1 Modification of IP address.

(2) Downloading the license file

Download the license file that is loaded from the STARDOM web site to ASIU with the re-

source configurator.

Refer to on-line help of resource configurator.

(3) Setting the network

Specify the Ethernet connection for ASIU if it is single or duplex.

Ethernet of ASIU has dual or single type and dual type has duplex and separated mode.

After completing the above 3 items, download the information by [File] - [Download].

Reboot the ASIU by pressing Reset button or Web browser. After starting ASIU confirm that

the IP address is correct by ping command of PC.

(4) Assignment of I/O terminal and application

ASIU application reads the data to access Device Label, which is DI variable, DO variable

and AI variable. It is accessible by assignment of Device Label into I/O terminal. The Device

Label has no relation with I/O terminal at the initial installation. Refer to 4.2.1 Assignment of

I/O terminal.

(5) Setting the serial port

In the case of Modbus RTU, the communication parameters should be adjusted to a con-

nected device.

Refer to 4.3.2 Modification of serial port setting.

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