Introduction – Yokogawa GC1000 Mark II Process Gas Chromatograph User Manual

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IM 11B06F01-01E


Thank you for purchasing the ASIU Analyzer Server Interface Unit Software.
ASIU Analyzer Server Interface Unit is the software to communicate with DCS and to make the

data storage and the maintenance of the field analyzer/sensor on a PC by inputting their informa-

tion (Analog and Digital) except GC into the I/O unit (FCN) Connected by the ANABUS network.
This manual describes the basic method of operating the ASIU.
For how to operate GC8000 or GC1000 MarkII, refer to their corresponding user’s manuals.


Applicatable Readers

The description of the installation method assumes that the reader has a basic knowledge of

hardware and software that is necessary for installing the ASIU, and Windows as well.
For further details of Windows, refer to the respective manuals.


Contents of the Package

The contents of the package are as follows. Check the contents of your package.

• ASIU installation disc
• ASIU User’s Manual (this manual)

4th Edition : Nov. 22, 2011-00

Media No. IM 11B06F01-01E

4th Edition : Nov. 2011 (YK)

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