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<4. Engineering>


IM 11B06F01-01E

4.3 Supplement

This chapter explains how to change the IP address of ASIU.
The tool software that is shown below needs to be installed on PC.




Resource configurator


Modification of IP addressing setting


Preparation of PC

Connect the PC on which resource configurator software is installed to FCN with Ethernet


Starting the ASIU on the IP address setting mode

There are two methods of starting the FCN on the IP address setting mode.
One is use of web browser on PC, the other is use of switches on CPU module.
Select one depending on the location of FCN.
During the IP address setting mode, LEDs on CPU module of FCN are indicated as follows.

HRDY: Flashing quickly

RDY: Flashing slowly

CTRL: Not lit

To release this mode, press the RESET button or turn off the power.


Method of use the switch on CPU module of FCN

(1) Turn on FCN, or press “RESET” button.
(2) FCN starts and during the “HRDY” and “RDY” LED are flashing rapidly (about for two sec-

onds), press “SHUTDOWN” button once.

(3) FCN starts on IP address setting mode.


Method of use web browser on PC.

(1) Access to the URL

URL = http://FCJ’s IP address/MNT

User Account = “stardom”

Password = “YOKOGAWA”

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