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(5) [Reconnect] button

The camera is reconnected.

(6) [Audio Reception] button

Displays the Receive Audio panel.

(7) Control Privilege Status Indicator

Whether or not the current client has camera control

privileges is shown in this area.

(8) [Obtain/Release Camera Control] button

This button is used to obtain and release the camera

control privileges.

(9) Slider for tilt

This slider is used to control the tilt (vertical

movement) of the camera.

(10)Slider for pan

This slider is used to control the pan (horizontal

movement) of the camera.

(11)Slider for zoom

This slider is used to control the zoom ratio.

You can zoom in (telephoto) by moving the knob

upwards or zoom out (wide-angle) by moving the

knob downwards.

(12)[BLC] (Back Light Compensation) button

This button turns on/off backlight compensation. This

control is effective when the video is dark due to


(13)Information Field

Information messages, warning messages and error

messages are shown to the user.

(14)[Get a Snapshot] button

A still image from the moment of clicking is displayed

in a new window.

(15)[Panorama Display] button

The panorama display panel is displayed.

(16)[Digital PTZ] button

The Digital PTZ panel is displayed.

(17)Preset selection box

You can control the camera with presets registered in

the camera beforehand.

(18)[Home Position] button

Move the camera angle to the home position.

(19)Panorama Display Panel

This panel is displayed upon clicking the [Panorama

Display] button.

(20)Panorama Display Area

Displays panorama images registered in the camera.

You can operate the camera by controlling the frame

lines within the panorama display area.

(21)Digital PTZ Panel

This panel is displayed upon clicking the [Digital PTZ]


(22)Digital PTZ Area Designator

Specify the area in the video display area to crop with

Digital PTZ.

Obtaining Camera Control Privileges

The camera cannot be controlled by multiple users

simultaneously. Only the user with the control privileges

can control the camera. To perform backlight

compensation camera control, you must obtain control

privileges first.

How to Operate

Click the [Obtain/Release Camera Control] button to

obtain the control privileges.

„ Camera Control Privilege Status Indicator

Display of the camera control buttons and camera control

status indicator changes according to the status of control

privileges shown as follows.

[Obtain/Release Camera Control]
This button is used to obtain/release the
camera control privileges.

Camera Control
Privilege Display
Displays camera
control privilege

Admin Viewer

VB Viewer

Control privileges not assigned

With the VB Viewer, the control privilege status

indicator appears in gray and an animated

[Obtain/Release Camera Control] button is


The Admin Viewer does not display a control

privilege status indicator. The [Obtain/Release

Camera Control] button is grayed out.

When waiting for control privileges in the VB

Viewer, the remaining standby time is shown

on the control privilege status indicator.

Waiting for control privileges

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