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A tool that lets you cover certain areas on the camera video with privacy masks.

When the camera is panned, tilted, or zoomed, the privacy mask area responds to the camera video.

Display Screen of Privacy Mask Setting Tool

(1) Video Display Area

The video currently captured by the camera is shown.

Privacy masks can be resized/moved in the video

display area.

Pan, tilt, and zoom operations are the same as in the

Admin Viewer. For details, see “How to Operate the

Viewer” (p. 124).

(2) [Switch Mouse Operation] button

Each time this button is clicked, the button switches



, and the mouse operation in the

video display area changes.

When the button is set to

, privacy masks can be

resized/moved. While in this mode, the camera

orientation will not change.

When the button is set to

, pan/tilt operations can

be performed.

(3) [Switch Screen Size] button

Each time this button is clicked, the screen size of the

video display area switches between “480 x 270” and

“960 x 540”.

(4) [BLC] (Back Light Compensation) button

This button turns on/off backlight compensation. This

control is effective when the video is dark due to


(5) [Obtain/Release Camera Control] button

This button is used to obtain/release the camera

control privileges. For details, see “Obtaining Camera

Control Privileges” (p. 126). If camera control

privileges have not yet been obtained elsewhere,

Privacy Mask Setting Tool

You can set privacy masks
for up to eight areas while
checking the video on the





















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