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Connecting to an Amplifier

Make one of the following connections, depending on the capabilities of
your existing equipment.


Since many factors affect the type of audio output, see “The unit’s Audio
Output Specifications” on page 17 for details.

Connecting to an Amplifier via 2 Channel Audio Output

Connect the Left and Right 2CH AUDIO OUT jacks on the player to the
audio left and right in jacks on your amplifier, receiver, or stereo system
using audio cables (A).

Connecting to an Amplifier via Digital Audio Output
(Optical or Coaxial)

Connect the player’s DIGITAL AUDIO OUT jack to the corresponding in
jack (OPTICAL O or COAXIAL X) on your amplifier. Use an optional digital
(optical O or coaxial X) audio cable. You will need to activate the player’s
digital output. (See “[AUDIO] Menu” on pages 29-30.)

Connecting to an Amplifier via 7.1 Channel Analog
Audio Output

Connect the 7.1CH ANALOG AUDIO OUT (SW, C, FL, FR, SL, SR, SBL
and SBR) jacks on the player to the corresponding 7.1CH ANALOG IN
jacks on your amplifier. You need to set the audio input of your amplifier to
enjoy 7.1 channel surround sound. Refer to your amplifier’s owner’s
manual to set the audio input.

You may need to set the [Speaker Setup] option in the [Setup] menu to
obtain the best surround sound via 7.1CH ANALOG AUDIO OUT
connection (see page 30).


If your amplifier has only 5.1 channel input jacks, connect all the analog
audio output jacks except SBL and SBR outputs.




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