LG BD390 User Manual

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The [NETWORK] settings are needed to use the software update, BD Live,
Netflix, Cinemanow, Vudu, My Media and YouTube features.
Some BD-ROM discs may enable you to access special BD-ROM sites, if
you connect the player to the Internet. For example, if a BD-ROM site
includes content such as links to future movie trailers, you can watch the
downloaded on-line content on the player.
You do not need to connect to a PC to use this function.


This feature requires an always-on broadband internet connection.
(see page 20-23.)

A BD-ROM disc compatible with this feature is required. Not all
BD-ROM discs are compatible.

Connection Setting

If you have connected this player to a local area network (LAN), the player
needs to be set up for network communication. (See “Connecting to your
Home Network” on pages 20-23.)

Connection Status

If you want to check the network status on this player, select the
[Connection Status] options and press


or ENTER to check whether a

connection to the network and the internet have been established.

BD-LIVE connection

You can restrict Internet access when BD-Live functions are used.

[Permitted] – Internet access is permitted for all BD-Live contents.

[Partially permitted] – Internet access is permitted only for BD-Live
contents which have content owner certificates. Internet access and
AACS Online functions are prohibited for all BD-Live contents without a

[Prohibited] – Internet access is prohibited for all BD-Live contents.


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