LG BD390 User Manual

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Notes on Network Connection

• Many network connection problems during set up can often be fixed by

re-setting the router or modem. After connecting the player to the home
network, quickly power off and/or disconnect the power cable of the
home network router or cable modem. Then power on and/or connect
the power cable again.

• Depending on the internet service provider (ISP), the number of devices

that can receive internet service may be limited by the applicable terms
of service. For details, contact your ISP.

• Our company is not responsible for any malfunction of the player and/or

the internet connection feature due to communication errors/malfunc-
tions associated with your broadband internet connection, or other con-
nected equipment.

• The features of BD-ROM discs made available through the Internet

Connection feature are not created or provided by our company, and our
company is not responsible for their functionality or continued
availability. Some disc related material available by the Internet
Connection may not be compatible with this player. If you have
questions about such content, please contact the producer of the disc.

• Some internet contents may require a higher bandwidth connection.

• Even if the player is properly connected and configured, some internet

contents may not operate properly because of internet congestion, the
quality or bandwidth of your internet service, or problems at the provider
of the content.

• Some internet connection operations may not be possible due to certain

restrictions set by the Internet service provider (ISP) supplying your
broadband Internet connection.

• Any fees charged by an ISP including, without limitation, connection

charges are your responsibility.

• A 10 Base-T or 100 Base-TX LAN port is required for wired connection

to this player. If your internet service does not allow for such a
connection, you will not be able to connect the player.

• You must use a Router to use xDSL service.

• A DSL modem is required to use DSL service and a cable modem is

required to use cable modem service. Depending on the access method
of and subscriber agreement with your ISP, you may not be able to use
the internet connection feature contained in this player or you may be
limited to the number of devices you can connect at the same time. (If
your ISP limits subscription to one device, this player may not be allowed
to connect when a PC is already connected.)

• The use of a “Router” may not be allowed or its usage may be limited

depending on the policies and restrictions of your ISP. For details,
contact your ISP directly.

• The wireless network operate at 2.4GHz radio frequencies that are also

used by other household devices such as cordless telephone,
Bluetooth® devices, microwave oven, and can be affected by
interference from them.

• Turn off all unused network equipment in your local home network.

Some devices may generate network traffic.

• For the purpose of the better transmission, placing the player from the

access point as close as possible.

• In some instances, placing the access point or wireless router at least

1.5 ft (0.45m) above the floor may improve the reception.

• Move closer to the access point if possible or re-orient the player so

there is nothing between it and the access point.

• The reception quality over wireless depends on many factors such as

type of the access point, distance between the player and access point,
and the location of the player.

• Set your access point or wireless router to Infrastructure mode. Ad-hoc

mode is not supported.


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