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• When the USB device is connected and a disc is inserted

simultaneously, the menu for selecting a media will appear.
Select a media then press ENTER.

• You can use various playback functions. Refer to pages 34-38.
• On the [MOVIE] menu, use red or blue button to move to the first or the

last file or track and green or yellow button to move to the previous or
next page.

• Unfinalized DVD VR format discs may not be played in this player.
• Some DVD-VR disc are made with CPRM data by DVD RECORDER.

This unit cannot support these kinds of discs.

What is CPRM?
CPRM is a copy protection system (with scramble system) only allowing
the recording of ‘copy once’ broadcast programs. CPRM stands for
Content Protection for Recordable Media.

Notice for displaying the DivX subtitle

If the subtitle does not display properly, press and hold SUBTITLE for 3
seconds during playback. The language code will appear. Press SUBTITLE
repeatedly to select another language code until the subtitle is displayed
properly and then press ENTER.

Movie file requirement (USB/DISC)

Movie file compatibility with this player is limited as follows:

Available resolution size: 1920 x 1080 (W x H) pixels
File extensions: “.avi”, “.divx”, “.mpg”, “.mpeg”, “.mp4”, “.mkv”
Playable subtitle: SubRip (.srt / .txt), SAMI (.smi),
SubStation Alpha (.ssa/.txt), MicroDVD (.sub/.txt), VobSub (.sub)
SubViewer 1.0 (.sub), SubViewer 2.0 (.sub/.txt), TMPlayer (.txt),
DVD Subtitle System (.txt)
Playable Codec format: “DIVX3.xx”, “DIVX4.xx”, “DIVX5.xx”, “XVID”,
“DIVX6.xx” (Standard playback only), H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, DIVX-HD,
Playable Audio format: “Dolby Digital”, “DTS”, “MP3”, “WMA”, “AAC”,
Sampling frequency: within 32-48 kHz (WMA), within 16-48 kHz (MP3)
Bit rate: within 20-320 kbps (WMA), within 32-320 kbps (MP3)
CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW, BD-R/RE Format:
ISO 9660+JOLIET, UDF and UDF Bridge format
Maximum Files/Folder: Less than 2000

• The movie file name and subtitle are limited to 180 characters.
• Not all the WMA and AAC Audio format is compatible with this unit.
• HD movie files contained on the CD or USB 1.0/1.1 may not played

properly. BD, DVD or USB 2.0 are recommended to play back HD
movie files.

• This player support H.264/MPEG-4 AVC profile Main, High at Level 4.1.

For a file with higher level, the warning message will be appeared on
the screen.

• This player does not support the file that are recorded with GMC*





. Those are video encoding techniques in MPEG4 standard, like

DivX or XVID have.
*1 GMC – Global Motion Compensation
*2 Qpel – Quarter pixel

Playing a movie

1 Inserts a disc/USB device containing

movie contents.

2 Displays the

[Home Menu]



3 Selects the [Movie] option:


b B



4 Selects a movie from the [MOVIE] menu:

v V

5 Plays the selected movie:


6 Stops the playback:


The player can play movie files on the disc/USB
device and video contents recorded on a
DVD-RW(VR mode) discs. Before playing movie
files, read “Movie file requirement” on page 41.



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