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On the server list, a DLNA-compatible digital media servers will be
appeared with the DLNA indicator as shown below:

About DLNA

This Player is a DLNA Certified digital media player that can display and
play movie, photo and music content from your DLNA-compatible digital
media server (PC and Consumer Electronics).

The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is a cross-industry organization
of consumer electronics, computing industry and mobile device companies.
Digital Living provides consumers with easy sharing of digital media
through a wired or wireless network in the home.
The DLNA certification logo makes it easy to find products that comply with
the DLNA Interoperability Guidelines. This unit complies with DLNA
Interoperability Guidelines v1.5.

When a PC running DLNA server software or other DLNA compatible
device is connected to this player, some setting changes of software or
other devices may be required. Please refer to the operating instructions
for the software or device for more information.

About Nero MediaHome 4 Essentials

Nero MediaHome 4 Essentials is a software for sharing movie, music and
photo files stored on your computer to this player as a DLNA-compatible
digital media server.


• The supplied Nero MediaHome 4 Essentials CD-ROM is a customized

software edition only for sharing files and folders to this player.

• The supplied Nero MediaHome 4 Essentials software does not support

following functions: Transcoding, Remote UI, TV control, Internet
services and Apple iTunes

• This manual explains operations with the English version of Nero

MediaHome 4 Essentials as examples. Follow the explanation referring
to the actual operations of your language version.

Accessing DLNA servers

1 Check the network connection and settings:


v V b B

See pages 20-23.

2 Displays the [Home Menu]:


3 Selects a [My Media] option:

v V b B


The player automatically scans and displays
DLNA servers within your local network.

4 Selects a DLNA server from the server list:

v V


5 Selects a file from the list:

v V b B

6 Plays the selected file:





7 Stops the playback:





8 Return to the server list menu:


The player can browse and play movies, music
and photo stored on your DLNA Certified media
servers connected within your home network.


Before accessing DLNA server:

• DLNA server and this player must be connected to the same

local area network.

• DLNA servers must be turned on.
• To play files on your computer, you must share folders on your

computer using Nero MediaHome 4 Essentials (page 46).

DLNA indicator

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