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Network Software Update

Network update notification

From time to time, performance improvements and/or additional features or

services may be made available to units that are connected to a broadband

home network. If there is new software available and the unit is connected

to a broadband home network, the player will inform you about the update

as follows.

Option 1:


The update menu will appear on the screen when you turn on the player .


Use b / B to select a desired option and then press ENTER.


- Starts the software update.


- Exits the update menu.


- Exits the update menu and it does not appear until next

software is uploaded in the update server.

Option 2:

If the software update is available from the update server , the “Software

Update” icon appears at the bottom of the Home menu. Press blue colored

button to start the update procedure.

Software Update

Updating software in the [Setup] menu

You can update the player using the latest software to enhance the

products operation and/or add new features. You can update the software

by connecting the unit directly to the software update server .

Step 1: Check the Network Connection and settings

See page 17-18 and 28.

Step 2: Checking Network Configuration

See page 28.

Step 3: Updating Software

• Before updating the software in your player, remove any disc

and USB Device from the player.

• Before updating the software in your player, turn the player off

and then turn it back on.

• During the software update procedure, do not turn off the

player or disconnect AC power, or do not press any button.

• If you cancel the update. Turn off the power and turn it on for

stable performance.

• This unit cannot be updated to previous software version.

1. Select [Software Update] option in the [Setup] menu then press B or



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