LG LHB977 User Manual

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You may use the dock adapter which should be supplied with your iPod to

the dock for the stable use of the iPod.
If you need an adapter, consult your iPod dealer.

• Compatibility with your iPod may vary depending on the type of your iPod.
• iPod touch and iPhone have any dif ference in operation other than iPod.

You may need any additional control to use them with this unit.

(e.g. “slide to unlock”)

If you use an application, make a call, or send and receive SMS text
message, etc. on iPod touch or iPhone, disconnect it from iPod
dock of this unit and then use it.

• Depending on your iPod’s software version, it may not be possible to

control your iPod from this unit. W e recommend installing the latest

software version.

• The video quality depends on the video sources on your iPod.
• When LG TV’s SIMPLINK is set to On, the audio signals are output to the

system speakers only.

• If this unit displays an error message, follow the message.

An error message “CHECK IPOD” or “Please check your iPod.”

appears when:

- the communication between this unit and your iPod is failed.



Undock & re-dock your iPod in this unit.

- your iPod is not connected firmly.
- this unit recognizes your iPod as unknown device.
- your iPod is exceptionally low on power .



The battery needs to be charged.



If you charge the battery while iPod is extremely low in power , it may

take longer to charge.

An error message “CHECK IPOD” or “Connected iPod model is not

supported.” appears when:
- your iPod is not available for the function to be operated.
An error message “CHECK IPOD” or “Please update iPod’s software.”

appears when:
- your iPod has an old software version.



Update your iPod software to latest version.

• If you have a problem with your iPod, please visit


Select a menu item

Press v V and B or ENTER.

Go back to the previous menu



) or DISC MENU or b.

Browse for a song

From the main menu, select Music.

Browse for a video

From the main menu, select Videos.

Play a song or video

Select the song or video and press ENTER.

Pause a song or video



) or PLAY (B).

To continue playback, press



) or PLAY (B) again.

Skip to the next song or video

Press SKIP (>).

Start a song or video over

Press SKIP (.).

Play the previous song or video

Press SKIP (.) twice.

Fast-forward or rewind a song

Press and hold SCAN (m or M).

or video

Repeat a song

Press REPEAT repeatedly to select a
desired repeat mode: Track (

), All (


Off (No display).

Do this on remote


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