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Listening to the radio - more you can do

Look for radio stations automatically

Press and hold TUN.-/TUN.+ for more than a second. The tuner will scan auto-

matically and stop when it finds a radio station.

Choose a preset number for a radio station

When storing a radio station, the preset number can be chosen. When this unit

automatically shows a preset number, press PRESET v





to change it. Press

ENTER to save your chosen number.

Delete all the saved stations

Press and hold ENTER for two seconds. ERASE ALL will flash up on the

display. Press ENTER to erase all saved radio stations.

Improve poor FM reception

Press MO./ST.(D). This will change the tuner from stereo to mono and usually

improve the reception.

Listening to the radio

1 Select FM or AM:


2 Select a radio station:



3 To save a radio station:


A preset number will show on the display.

Up to 50 radio stations can be saved.

4 To confirm press:


5 To select a saved station








Be sure that FM and AM antennas are connected.

Playing the iPod

For details about iPod, refer to the iPod User Guide.


• To view iPod’s Videos and Photos on the TV screen.

- Be sure to use the video connection through the VIDEO OUT jack on

the rear panel of this unit.

Select the appropriate video input mode on the TV.

- Depending on the iPod, make sure that select V ideos > Video settings,

and then set TV Out to Ask or On from your iPod.

For details about Video Settings, refer to the iPod User Guide.

- The viewing photos is available only if this unit is in REMOTE IPOD

mode and you can view photos only as a slideshow .

You have to start a slideshow on your iPod to view a photo on a TV.

For details about a slideshow, refer to the iPod User Guide.

• Before connecting the iPod, turn this unit of f and reduce the volume of

this unit to its minimum.

Connect the iPod firmly.

To open the iPod Dock:

Push the marked Z.

To close the iPod Dock:

Push the iPod Dock forward.

Select an iPod mode

Press iPod.


: You can operate your iPod through an iPod’ s

display by using the supplied remote control and also control on your iPod.

OSD IPOD mode:

You can operate your iPod by controlling OSD menu

on the TV screen with the supplied remote control. The controls on

your iPod are not operational in the OSD iPod mode.

Do this on remote


• If you turn this unit on, your iPod is automatically turned on and recharging starts.

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