LG LHB977 User Manual

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• Pandora will pause a playback after eight hours without any input.

At this point, Pop-up message appears and you have to press ENTER to

resume the music.

• You may not get the song informations according to the network


• For questions regarding the Pandora service please visit:

or e-mail: pandora-support @ pandora.com

• For questions regarding your player please visit:

or call 1-800-243-0000

Using Pandora on your LG BD player

You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is to use Pandora on your BD

player. Using your player’s remote control, you can play stations that you

have already created or create new ones by providing the name of a single

song or artist. While the music is playing, you can give a song a Thumbs

Up or Down and Pandora will instantly change the music selection to bet-

ter match your tastes. Best of all, you can listen to your Pandora stations

through the BD player system speakers or online at pandora.com.


Enter your Pandora user name and

password on the virtual keyboard

with the supplied remote.


You may have to create a new

station if you don’t have one yet.

Enter one of your favorite artists or

songs to create a



After creating the stations, it

automatically shows the list of

stations created from the web or

player, and plays music.

[OK]: Finishes entering an E-mail or password.

[T Delete]: Deletes the previous character at the cursor position.

[Space]: Inserts a space at the cursor position.

[Clear All]: Clears all entered characters.

[ABC/abc/#+=]: Changes the virtual keyboard menu settings to capital

letters, small letters or symbols.

• You can use CLEAR on the supplied remote instead of selecting

[T Delete].

• You can use the numerical buttons on the supplied remote instead of

selecting the numerical buttons on the virtual keyboard.

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