Troubleshooting – LG LHB977 User Manual

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Possible Cause

• The power cord is disconnected.
• No disc is inserted.

• The TV is not set to receive DVD signal output.
• The video cable is not connected securely.
• The selected resolution is not capable with your TV.
• The equipment connected with the audio cable is not

set to receive disc signal output.

• The power of the equipment connected with the audio

cable is turned off.

• The [AUDIO] options are set to the wrong position.

• The player is in reverse play, fast forward, slow motion

or pause mode.

• The disc is upside down.
• An unplayable disc is inserted.

• The rating level is set.
• The disc was recorded on another unit and was not


• The Remote Control is not pointed at the remote

sensor on the player.

• The Remote Control is too far from the player .


No power.
The power is on, but the

player does not work.
No picture.

No sound.

The player does not start


The Remote Control does

not work properly.


• Plug the power cord into the wall outlet securely .
• Insert a disc. (Check the disc indicator in the display win-

dow is lit.)

• Select the appropriate video input mode on the TV.
• Connect the video cable securely.
• Select another resolution using RESOLUTION button.
• Select the correct input mode of the audio receiver so you

can listen to the sound from the player .

• Turn on the equipment connected with the audio cable.

• Set the [AUDIO] options to the correct position

(see page 25-26).

• Return to the normal playback.

• Insert the disc with the playback side down.
• Insert a playable disc. (Check the disc type and regional


• Change the rating level.
• Finalize the disc on that unit.

• Point the Remote Control at the remote sensor of the


• Operate the Remote Control closer to the player .

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