Troubleshooting tips – GE JSS28DNBB User Manual

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Possible Cause

What To Do

Oven light does not work

Light bulb is loose or defective.

Tighten or replace bulb.

Pad operating light is broken.

Call for service.

Oven will not self-clean

The temperature is too high to set a
self-clean operation.

Allow the oven to cool and reset the controls.

Oven controls improperly set.

See the Cleaning the Oven section.

Excessive smoking
during clean cycle

Excessive soil or grease.

Press the Cancel/Off pad. Open the windows to rid the
room of smoke. Wait until the LOCKED light goes off.
Wipe up the excess soil and reset the clean cycle.

Excessive smoking
during broiling

Food too close to burner element.

Lower the rack position of the food.

Oven door will not open
after a clean cycle

Oven too hot.

Allow the oven to cool below locking temperature.

Oven not clean after a
clean cycle

Oven controls improperly set.

See the Cleaning the Oven section.

Oven was heavily soiled.

Clean up heavy spillovers before starting the clean
cycle. Heavily soiled ovens may need to self-clean
again or for a longer period of time.

"LOCK DOOR" flashes in
the display

The self-clean cycle has been
selected but the door is not closed.

Close the oven door.

DOOR LOCK light is on
when you want to cook

The oven door is locked because
the temperature inside the oven
has not dropped below the locking

Press the Cancel/Off pad. Allow the oven to cool.

“F— and a number
or letter” flash in the

You have a function error code.

Press the Cancel/Off pad. Allow the oven to cool for
one hour. Put the oven back into operation.

If the function code repeats.

Disconnect all power to the oven for at least 30
seconds and then reconnect power. If the function error
code repeats, call for service.

Display goes blank

A fuse in your home may be blown
or the circuit breaker tripped.

Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.

The clock is turned off.

See the Special features section.

Oven is in Sabbath Mode.

Verify that the oven is not in Sabbath Mode. See the
Special Features section.

Power outage, clock

Power outage or surge

Reset the clock. If the oven was in use, you must reset
it by pressing the Cancel/Off pad, setting the clock and
resetting any cooking function.

“Burning” or “oily” odor
emitting from the vent

This is normal in a new oven and
will disappear in time.

To speed the process, set a self-clean cycle for a
minimum of 3 hours. See the Cleaning the Oven section.

Strong odor

An odor from the insulation around
the inside of the oven is normal for
the first few times the oven is used.

This is temporary and will go away after several uses
or a self-clean cycle.

My oven door glass
appears to be "tinted" or
have a "rainbow" color.
Is this defective?

No. The inner oven glass is coated
with a heat barrier to reflect the
heat back into the oven to prevent
heat loss and keep the outer door
cool while baking.

see this tint or rainbow color.


Troubleshooting tips (Cont.) ... Before you call for service

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