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Page 2: Connecting a record button and indicator led

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The complete instruction manual is on the CD



Connecting a Record button and Indicator LED

As part of the DL-32 package you will have received a LED, a push-button
switch, and a stereo 3.5mm cable with three stripped ends. The cable can be
extended with shielded stereo wire up to 30 feet. This kit is the record button
and indicator. The installation of this is required if you do NOT have an XD-16
connected in the log-chain after the DL-32.


The drill size recommended for mounting the included momentary
switch is a 25/64” drill.


Optionally, any momentary (Normally Open) push button switch may
be used.


The included LED will fit the following hole size and panel thickness: a
5/32” (0.155” - 0.158”) hole size and a panel thickness of 28–16gauge
(0.031” - 0.062”).


Optionally, any 1.2V - 2.2V (1mA- 30mA) LED may be used. A typical
LED has 2 wires called Anode and Cathode. The Cathode side is
typically the shorter of the 2 wires or the black wire (refer to the
component data sheet of the selected device for details).

The following diagram shows how to hook the supplied switch and LED to the

Pushbutton and Indicator LED operation

Press the push button briefly to start or stop a recording. When the DL-32 is
NOT recording, the LED will be steadily lit. When the button is pressed, the
LED will go out.

When actively recording, it will blink twice a second. If the DL-32 cannot start a
recording when it is commanded to do so, it will blink the LED in a different
sequence as indicated in the following table:

LED blinking codes:

Steady on

DL-32 in standby mode, not recording

Blink 2 times/second

Recording active

Blink fast (4

No SD-card detected or SD-card damaged

Slow (once/second)
with short dark periods

SD-card full or write locked.

To gain access to the complete DL-32 manual please
install the software provided on the CD which was
included as part of your kit. The manual will contain

important information such as placement, programming ,and
other tips & tricks.