Nitrous Express DOUBLE THROW 60 AMP RELAY (15515 ) User Manual

Nitrous Express For the car

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PN 15515

The double pole double throw relay can be used to control a number of different accessories in an auto-

motive wiring system, however we are concerned only with controlling the nitrous system as it relates to the

trans brake and full throttle launches. When wired in series with your nitrous system relay it will enable you

to engage the trans brake, then go to wide open throttle without triggering the nitrous system. This is accom-

plished by splicing into the trans brake solenoid wiring and using this power source to activate the double

throw relay. (See ILL. A)

When power is applied to this relay it breaks the circuit between the wide-open throttle switch and the

nitrous system relay. Carefully splice a power source wire into the power wire leading to the trans brake sole-

noid. Connect this wire to the red wire on the double throw relay. Connect the white wire to a reliable ground

source. Cut the existing wire that connects the wide-open throttle switch to the red wire on the nitrous system

relay. Connect one end of that red wire to the blue wire, and connect the other end to the black wire from the

double throw relay. The green wire is not used in this application. You are now ready to test the system.


1. In testing the system be sure the nitrous bottle is “OFF” and there is no pressure in the nitrous supply line.

The fuel pump should be “OFF”.

2. Engage the trans brake and engage the WOT switch. When the trans-brake is released the nitrous solenoids

should “Click”. If they do not recheck your wiring and test again until the system operates properly.