Nitrous Express WIDE OPEN THROTTLE SWITCH (15524 ) User Manual

Nitrous Express For the car

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PN 15524


This WOT micro-switch is designed to work with the

universal mounting bracket. It’s maximum capacity

is 10 AMPS and should only be used to activate low

amp draw accessories or in conjunction with a relay.

1. Assemble the micro-switch on the mounting

bracket using the supplied 3⁄4” 4-40 bolts and nuts.

The switch can be mounted in several different

configurations, select the position you require and

tighten the bolts. Do not over-tighten; the plastic

micro switch can be damaged.

2. The mounting bracket is made of easily bendable

material and may be formed to any configuration

that will allow it to place the WOT switch in the

proper location.

3. The activation arm on the micro-switch is extra

long. This allows you to twist, bend, or cut it to

aid in the ease of installation.