Nitrous Express Accumulator (SPEED00010) User Manual

Nitrous Express For the car

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Nitrous Express Accumulator

PN: SPEED00010

The NX Accumulator is simply a high pressure fuel reservoir

to assist your EFI fuel pump when the engagement of the

nitrous system causes a momentary drop in fuel pressure.

The accumulator is supplied with everything you will need

for a professional installation, see Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Begin the installation by installing the barbed hose fi ttings

in their proper locations. Use the supplied thread sealing


With the fi ttings installed as shown in Figure 2 proceed with

installing the high pressure Aeroquip blue hose on the inlet

side of the Accumulator. The D-6 180 degree Aeroquip fi tting

is installed on the opposite blue hose end. These are high

pressure push-on design fi ttings and requires no clamps.

(see fi gures 3 & 4) The low pressure black hose requires

no clamps, this is simply a drain in case of accumulator


Figure 5

After assembly of the accumulator unit is complete, remove

the fi tting at the back of the NXL fuel rail, see Figure 5. Either

rail may be used but the passenger side is recommended

for accumulator mounting convenience. Install the Aeroquip

D-6 rail fi tting with the o-ring facing the NXL rail. No thread

sealer is required on this fi tting. Figure 6.

Figure 1