English – Sony ICD-SX700 User Manual

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ICD-SX700/SX800  QSG  GB/FR/ES/NL  4-127-578-12(1)


This Quick Start Guide describes only basic operations, 

such as how to record, play back, or erase messages.

The operating instructions explaining all the features 

and functions are supplied with the IC recorder as PDF 

files in 20 languages stored on the supplied CD-ROM.

You can copy the PDF files of the operating 

instructions to your computer. Insert the supplied CD-

ROM into the CD-ROM drive of your computer, and 

just follow the instructions shown on the screen.

If the instructions are not shown on the screen, right-

click the CD-ROM on Windows Explorer to open, and 

double-click [SetupLauncher.exe].

The English edition of the operating instructions is 

supplied as a booklet as well.

For customers in Europe

Disposal of Old Electrical &

Electronic Equipment (Applicable

in the European Union and other

European countries with separate

collection systems)

  This symbol on the product or on its 

packaging indicates that this product 

shall not be treated as household 

waste. Instead it shall be handed over 

to the applicable collection point 

for the recycling of electrical and 

electronic equipment. By ensuring this 

product is disposed of correctly, you 

will help prevent potential negative consequences 

for the environment and human health, which could 

otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling 

of this product. The recycling of materials will help 

to conserve natural resources. For more detailed 

information about recycling of this product, please 

contact your local Civic Office, your household waste 

disposal service or the shop where you purchased 

the product.
Applicable accessories: USB connecting cable, cradle

Disposal of waste batteries

(applicable in the European Union

and other European countries with

separate collection systems)

  This symbol on the battery or on the 

packaging indicates that the battery 

provided with this product shall not 

be treated as household waste.

  On certain batteries this symbol 

might be used in combination with 

a chemical symbol. The chemical symbols for 

mercury (Hg) or lead (Pb) are added if the battery 

contains more than 0.0005% mercury or 0.004% lead.

By ensuring these batteries are disposed of 

correctly, you will help prevent potentially negative 

consequences for the environment and human health 

which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate 

waste handling of the battery. The recycling of the 

materials will help to conserve natural resources.

In case of products that for safety, performance 

or data integrity reasons require a permanent 

connection with an incorporated battery, this battery 

should be replaced by qualified service staff only.

To ensure that the battery will be treated properly, 

hand over the product at end-of-life to the applicable 

collection point for the recycling of electrical and 

electronic equipment.

For all other batteries, please view the section on how 

to remove the battery from the product safely. Hand 

the battery over to the applicable collection point for 

the recycling of waste batteries.

For more detailed information about recycling of this 

product or battery, please contact your local Civic 

Office, your household waste disposal service or the 

shop where you purchased the product.