Acreation – Sony a Lenses User Manual

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Photography is creative. A photographer must make a number of critical
choices that will determine the outcome. One of the most influential
choices is the lens itself. What is being photographed, under what lighting
conditions, and where? What lens will provide the necessary control over
composition and perspective, or how motion is captured? Which areas
of the image are to be in sharp focus and which are to be out of focus?
How will the lens function with filters that might be needed to change the
characteristics of the captured light? There is no single right answer for every
photographer and subject. The only certainties are that a choice must be
made and that more high-quality options mean more creative freedom.

Sony’s a lens lineup offers everything the creative photographer needs to
realize their vision. Economy, luxury, versatility, precision, legendary optical
performance… it’s all there. The choice is yours.

Stellar choices for photographic expression