Panasonic HC-W850K User Manual

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It takes long time every
time to connect to a

≥ It may take longer time to connect depending on the Wi-Fi

connection setting of the smartphone, but it is not a

This unit is not displayed
in the Wi-Fi setting screen
of the smartphone.

≥ Try switching the ON/OFF of the Wi-Fi function in the Wi-Fi

settings of the smartphone.

The Wi-Fi connection is
disconnected immediately.

≥ If there is a setting for avoiding poor connections in the Wi-Fi

setting menu of the Android device 4.0 or later version, turn it

Cannot be connected
using NFC.

≥ Make sure your smartphone is compatible with NFC. This unit

can be used with NFC-compatible terminals via Android (OS
version 2.3.3 or later).

≥ Make sure the NFC function of your smartphone is ON.
≥ Make sure this unit is not turned off with the power button.
≥ Some smartphones cannot be easily checked simply by

touching. If this unit is not recognized even after touching,
change positions and try again by touching slowly.

≥ Touch again if it does not connect after touch.


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