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To disconnect USB cable safely

Select the

icon in task tray displayed on the PC, and then click [Eject Panasonic Video

≥ Depending on your PC’s settings, this icon may not be displayed.

Charging the battery by connecting it to different devices

When using the battery, if you turn off the unit and connect it to a PC, Panasonic Blu-ray disc
recorder or Panasonic DVD recorder, the battery will charge.
When connecting this unit to a PC for the first time, make sure to connect this unit to the

PC with this unit turned on.

≥ Insert the USB cable securely all the way. It will not operate properly if it is not inserted all the


≥ Do not use any other USB cables except the supplied one. (Operation is not guaranteed with any

other USB cables.)

≥ You cannot charge the battery by connecting the supplied DC cable.
≥ Be sure to connect the unit directly to the PC, Blu-ray disc recorder or DVD recorder.
≥ During charging, the status indicator flashes.
≥ You cannot charge when the status indicator flashes rapidly, or when it does not light at all.

Charge using the AC adaptor. (

l 12


≥ It will take 2 or 3 times longer to charge compared to when using the AC adaptor.
≥ If the status indicator flashes at a particularly fast or slow rate, refer to page



About the screen indication of the unit
≥ Do not disconnect the USB cable, battery, or AC adaptor while the access lamp is on or card

access icon (

) appears on the unit screen.

≥ If the screen does not change when the unit is operated while connected to a PC, disconnect

the battery and/or AC adaptor, wait approximately 1 minute, reconnect the battery and/or AC
adaptor, wait approximately 1 minute again, and then turn the unit back on. (Data may be
destroyed when above operation is performed while accessing the SD card.)

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