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Change the Recording Mode to

. (

l 49



Press the

button to record the still pictures. (





Touch [Enter].

≥ A still picture will be recorded, and it will be displayed in a semi-transparent state on the recording

screen. Look at the picture to estimate how far you should move the subject for the next

≥ If you have already recorded still pictures in the recording group, the last still picture will be

displayed in a semi-transparent state on the recording screen.

≥ To record again, touch

and record again.


Move the subject and determine the composition of the picture.

≥ Repeat Steps 1-3 to continue recording.
≥ You can save still pictures in the same recording group until you use [Create Stop Motion].

Creating a new recording group

≥ If you touch [YES], a new recording group will be created and the recording screen will be


≥ Once you create a recording group, you cannot save still pictures in any of the older recording


≥ [PICTURE SIZE] is set to


≥ When you want to record still pictures in a separate recording group, use a different SD card.
≥ For details on playback of the Stop Motion Animation Assist Mode, refer to page



Stop Motion Animation Assist

Before recording in Stop Motion Animation Assist Mode

You can create a slideshow that appears to be moving by recording the subject while moved a
little at a time.
≥ Each recording group can store up to 999 still pictures recorded in Stop Motion Animation

Assist Mode.


# [Create Stop Motion]



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