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When installing the software, log on to your computer as the Administrator or with a user name with
equivalent authorization. (If you do not have authorization to do this, consult your manager.)
≥ Before starting the installation, close all applications that are running.
≥ Do not perform any other operations on your PC while the software is being installed.
≥ Explanation of operations is based on Windows 7.


Insert the CD-ROM into the PC.

≥ The autoplay screen is displayed automatically. Click [Run setup.exe]

# [Yes].

≥ If the autoplay screen is not displayed automatically, select [Start]

# [Computer] (or double-click

on [Computer] on the desktop), and then double-click [Panasonic].


Click [Yes].


Click [Next].

Proceed with the installation by following the on-screen instructions.
≥ If the country or region cannot be selected, select [NTSC Area].

Uninstalling HD Writer AE 5.1

Follow the steps below to uninstall any software applications that you no longer require.


Select [Start]

# [Control Panel] # [Uninstall a Program].


Select [HD Writer AE 5.1], then click [Uninstall].

≥ Proceed with the uninstallation by following the on-screen instructions.
≥ After uninstalling the software, be sure to reboot the PC.

With a PC


The PC must be rebooted for the application to work.

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