7 scan setting page – Konica Minolta bizhub 751 User Manual

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Using an application


Setup Utility for RightFax



Scan Setting page

The scan settings can be specified from the Scan Setting page.

Displaying the Scan Setting page


Click a Scan icon in the tree pane of the Application Registration win-

The Scan Setting page appears.

Description of the Scan Setting page

Item Name


“Scan Setting Button Enable”
check box

Select this check box to display the buttons for the scan set-
tings in the control panel of the multifunctional peripheral.

Scan Setting Item List

The scan parameters are listed.
For details on the extension items, refer to “Items that can be
specified in the Extension Setting page” on page 4-14


If “Enable” appears, the item is registered as a scan parameter.

Item Name

The name of the selected item is displayed.

Current Default Name

The default setting currently specified for the selected item is

“Enable” checkbox

Select the check box to register the selected item as an scan
setting item.

Scan Setting Item

Specify the default setting for the scan setting selected in the

Scan Setting Item List


The parameters that can be set differ depending on the scan
setting item that was selected.