Konica Minolta IC-402 User Manual

System software, Using the fiery x3e system software service kit

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Part Number: 45045995

16 June 2005

Copyright © 2005 Electronics for Imaging, Inc.

System software

The Fiery X3e system software is installed on the HDD (hard disk drive) at the factory.
You will need to install system software if a more recent version is required, if you replace
the HDD, or if you discover problems with the current system. You can install all system
software over the LAN port, the USB port (see following), or using a USB flash drive
(see page 6).

After you install the system software, follow the procedure on page 13 to install the
1-J8PG9.ps and 1-J98TH.ps update files that are located on the system software
update CD.

System software installation reminders

When installing system software, keep in mind the following:


—Installing system software deletes all the fonts that the customer has installed

on the Fiery X3e. Only resident fonts are restored during system software installation.
Fiery Downloader can be used to reinstall additional fonts.

To determine which additional fonts were downloaded to the Fiery X3e, print a
Font List before you format the HDD, and again after you complete system software
installation. Any fonts not listed after installation must be reinstalled. For more
information, see




—Screens for installing system software are always displayed in English, even

if the print engine is configured for another language.


—The latest user software must be installed on all computers that print

to the Fiery X3e. Using incompatible versions of the system and user software may
result in system problems.

Installing system software over the network port or USB port

The system software CD contains the system software and the Fiery System Software
Installer. To install system software using the LAN port or USB port on the Fiery X3e,
you need:

• USB 2.0 cable—Maximum length: 5 meters (16.4 feet)


• For 100BaseTX, one Category 5 or higher Ethernet cross-over cable

(4-pair/8-wire, short-length)

For 1000BaseT, one Category 5e or higher Ethernet cross-over cable
(4-pair/8-wire, short-length)

• A Windows 2000/XP computer with:

• A CD-ROM drive, built-in or attached

• Support for 100BaseTX or 1000BaseT and/or USB 2.0

Using the Fiery X3e System Software Service Kit

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