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Using the Fiery X3e System Software Service Kit

Installing system software using a USB flash drive

To install system software using a USB flash drive attached to the Fiery X3e, you need:

• USB 2.0 flash drive, 1 Gigabyte capacity, with a data transfer LED [not provided]

USB 2.0 flash drives that have been validated for use with the Fiery X3e are the
Lexar JumpDrive Traveler, the Lexar JumpDrive Secure, and the PNY Attaché.
Other flash drives may work.

• USB extension cable [provided; optional]

• Any PC [not provided] with:

• Intel x86-compatible microprocessor

• CD-ROM drive, built-in or attached

• Support for USB 2.0

(USB 1.1 may work but may be very slow)

• System Software CD

• USB Flash Tool CD












Prepare the USB flash drive.

• Set the boot order on the PC to boot first from the CD-ROM drive.

To find out how to change the PC’s BIOS configuration, see the documentation
that accompanies the PC.

• Insert the USB Flash Tool CD into the PC’s CD-ROM drive.

• Power off the PC.

• Attach the USB flash drive to the PC.

• Power on the PC.

If the LED on the USB flash drive fails to light, power off the PC. Remove and reinsert
the USB flash drive into the PC. Verify that the LED on the flash drive turns on when
the PC is turned on.




If the PC boot order is set to boot from the CD-ROM drive, but the PC fails to

boot up properly, try another PC. It is possible that your PC is not compatible with the
boot program on the USB Flash Tool CD.

• Set up the flash drive, following the on-screen prompts to insert the system software

CD and install the files. Installation usually takes 15-30 minutes, but may take
considerably longer depending on your PC. The final step reboots the PC.


Power off the Fiery X3e using its dedicated AC power switch.


Disconnect all cables from the Fiery X3e connector panel.

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