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Printing Fiery X3e pages

Printing Fiery X3e pages

The Control Panel allows you to print special pages that are included in the Fiery X3e
system software. These pages reside on the Fiery X3e HDD and include the Test Page,
Configuration page, Job Log, Control Panel Map, and Font List.

Printing the Configuration page

The Configuration page lists all the settings in effect from the current Setup. After
you finish running Setup, print a Configuration page to confirm your settings. If the
Fiery X3e is rebooting, allow the Fiery X3e to reboot and return to Idle before printing
a Configuration page.

Before you perform any service procedure, print a Configuration page so that you are
prepared to return the settings to their former configurations, if required.

After the connection to the network is made, the site administrator can customize Setup
options according to the network and user environment. Using the Configuration page
as a guide can help speed up this process. For more information, see

Configuration and


Printing the Test Page

Before connecting the Fiery X3e to the network, print the Test Page. The Test Page is
a file that resides in the Fiery X3e. Output verifies that the Fiery X3e is functional and
connected properly to the print engine.

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