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The following tables are furnished to provide possible res-
olutions for common difficulties. Difficulties are classified

as General, Calibration, Measurement Performance, and
Host System Functionality.

Table 5-1. LSS Troubleshooting Chart - General


Possible Resolution

JLG Analyzer does not display
connected to LSS Module’s
connection, but the module’s
LED is lit or flashing.

The JLG Analyzer is failing to communicate with the LSS Module, but the LSS Module is
powered (indicated by module’s LED). Investigate JLG Analyzer serial communication and
power supply connections.

1. If the Analyzer displays “CONNECTING…” or “CONNECTION ERROR” after a short

interval, examine the Analyzer harness on J2. J2-2 should connect to Pin 3 on the
Analyzer, and J2-11 should connect to Pin 2.

2. If the Analyzer does not display anything (and there is no backlighting), examine the

Analyzer’s power supply. Remove the harness connection from J2 and ensure that
J2-1 has approximately 12V, and J2-12 is 0V. The harness should connect J2-1 to Pin
1 on the Analyzer, and J2-12 to Pin 4 on the Analyzer.

3. The JLG Analyzer is suspect. Substitute to determine cause of failure.
4. The LSS Module is suspect. Substitute to determine cause of failure.

LED on LSS Module does not

The LSS Module is un-powered, a short exists, or the device is damaged.

1. LSS Module’s power supply is improper. Check for the presence of approximately

12V on J1-1, and 0V on J1-2. The module’s power supply comes from the Platform
Console Box. Use to the Wiring Diagram to trace the conductors to their source.

2. There is a short circuit on the reference voltage present on J5-J8. Unplug the con-

nectors one at a time and observe if the module begins to function after a particular
connection is removed. If so, carefully inspect the wiring between the module and
that sensor.

3. There is a short circuit on the pre-regulated supply for the JLG Analyzer present on

J2-1. Unplug J2’s connector and observe whether the module begins to function. If
so, examine the Analyzer harness for defect.

4. The LSS Module is suspect. Substitute to determine cause of failure.