JLG LSS Scissors User Manual

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Table 5-4. LSS Troubleshooting Chart - Host System Functionality


Possible Resolution

The Visual and Audible Over-
load Warnings fail to sound
when platform is loaded
beyond Rated Load, or when
simulated by unplugging a
Shear Pin Load Cell from the
LSS Module. Controls remain
functional at Platform and
Ground Control positions.

The Host Control System is failing to regard the overload signal from the LSS Module, or
the signal is shorted.

1. The Load Sensing System must be enabled within the Host Control System. Plug

the JLG Analyzer into the Host Control System, enter the Access Level 1 password
(33271), and examine the MACHINE SETUP, LOAD sub-menu. The selection “CUT-
OUT PLT” should be displayed for European Community compliance (platform con-
trols prevented during overload, ground controls remain operational). In country- or
customer-specific circumstance, the selection “3=CUTOUT ALL” is used (platform
and ground controls prevented during overload).

2. (LE, MRT and RTS) - The signal between the LSS Module and the Host Control Sys-

tem is shorted. The Platform Module’s J1-20 is an input, and it connected to the J1-
5 output on the LSS Module To examine the status of this signal, plug the JLG Ana-
lyzer into the Host Control System, enter the Access Level 1 password (33271), and
examine the DIAGNOSTICS, SYSTEM, LOAD display. The display will indicate “OK”
when the Platform Module’s input is energized (approximately 12V), and “OVER-
LOADED” when it is de-energized (0V). Refer to the Wiring Diagram for Load Sens-
ing System for details

3. Observe the LSS Module’s assessment of overload using the JLG Analyzer plugged

into the LSS Module’s connection. Proceed to the DIAGNOSTICS, OVERLOADED?
display. The display should indicate “OVERLOADED? N” when the platform is
empty, and “OVERLOADED? Y” when the platform is overloaded. If the assessment
is improper, the difficulty may be a result of a General or Measurement Performance
issue. Review the Possible Resolutions under those categories.

4. (LE, MRT and RTS) - If the LSS Module’s J1-5 Output does not appears to coincide

with the DIAGNOSTICS, OVERLOADED? display, then the LSS Module is suspect.
Substitute to determine cause of failure.