JLG LSS Scissors User Manual

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The Visual and Audible Over-
load Warnings sound even
when the platform is empty.
Controls are prevented in the
same manner as when over-

The LSS Module is un-powered, un-calibrated, or is experiencing a Measurement Perfor-
mance difficulty. Alternately, the Host Control System is not receiving the proper signal from
the LSS Module.

1. Ensure that the LSS Module is powered. The LSS Module’s LED will be lit or flash if

the module is powered. If not, ensure that approximately 12V is present between J1-
1 and J1-2 on the LSS Module (J1-1 is positive). Trace the Ignition and Ground sup-
ply wires into the Host Control System’s wiring harness using the wiring diagram to
locate the difficulty.

2. Plug a JLG Analyzer into the LSS Module’s connection and ensure that the Host

Control System is powered-up. When HELP:PRESS ENTER is displayed, press the
ENTER key on the Analyzer. If “EVERYTHING OK” is displayed, it is probable that
the Overload Signal from the LSS Module is not reaching the Host Control System.
This signal is present on LSS Module’s J1-5 and is approximately 12V normally, and
0V during an overload. This signal eventually reaches the Main Terminal Box to pro-
vide the overload signal. Refer to the Wiring Diagram for wire color, number, and ter-
minal information.

3. (LE, MRT and RTS) - If the Analyzer displayed “OVERLOADED” in the previous step,

press the ENTER key again. If “NO CAL” is displayed, the Load Sensing System has
not been properly calibrated. Refer to the Calibration portion of this manual.

4. If another fault is displayed, refer to the portion of this manual that describes Fault

Messages and their causes.

5. The difficulty may be a result of a Measurement Performance issue. Review the Pos-

sible Resolutions under those categories.

Controls remain functional at
the Ground Control position
during an overload, or when
simulated by unplugging a
Shear Pin from the LSS Mod-
ule. The Control at the Platform
Control position are prevented.

The Host Control System is configured to prevent platform controls only in the event of
overload (as required for EN280 compliance). Alternately, the Host Control System can be
configured to prevent ground and platform controls for country- or customer-specific cir-
Plug the JLG Analyzer into the LSS Module’s connection and enter the Access Level 1
password (33271). Proceed to the MACHINE SETUP, LOAD sub-menu. Set this parameter
to “CUTOUT PLT” to prevent platform controls in the event of overload. Set this parameter
to “CUTOUT ALL” to prevent platform and ground controls in the event of overload.

Table 5-4. LSS Troubleshooting Chart - Host System Functionality


Possible Resolution