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using external video sources, these controls are also explained below.

Selecting a control item by pressing

will clear the menu and bring

up an indicator at the bottom of the screen. You can then use either the

Zoom or Brightness buttons to adjust the setting. Press


when you are finished adjusting the control to bring you back to the full
Video Controls menu.

Backlight: This controls the intensity of the lamps behind the
display. The lamps can be dimmed if the image is causing glare

or for some eye conditions such as photophobia. The setting of this
control affects all viewing modes including computer video input (VGA

Brightness: This control affects the overall level of light coming
from the image. The brightness settings for picture mode and

reading mode are independent and stored separately.

Contrast: The contrast control increases the difference between
bright and dark areas, making bright areas brighter and dark areas

darker. The Andromeda retains independent settings for picture and
reading modes.

Saturation: This controls the intensity of color displayed in picture
mode. Reducing the saturation to minimum will result in a

monochrome image.

Iris: The iris controls the amount of light entering the camera.
Generally, this control should be left as supplied but with bright

external lighting it may be necessary to turn it down to avoid glare from
bright paper. This control does not appear on the menu when using an
external video source.

Phase: The phase control appears on the menu when displaying
external computer video. It controls the alignment of the pixels

from line to line. It must be adjusted so that any jitter, blurring or
streaking is minimized. Adviced input signal: 1024 x 768 @ 60Hz.