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9. Changing the lamps

If either of the lamps begins to dim or
fails to start, they will need to be
changed. You should replace both
lamps at the same time to maintain a
good image.

Before starting to replace the
lamps you must unplug the power
cord from the back of the unit.

You will require a small crosshead
screwdriver to unscrew the lamp
covers. Refer to the diagrams across
and follow the sequence of operations.
The lamps should be removed from
their sockets by pulling them in the
direction of their length only. The lamps
are made of glass, so be careful not to
break them.

Replace the lamp with the same type
and color temperature. The following
two lamps are suitable replacements:

Osram Dulux S/E 7W/21-840

The “840” indicates the color
temperature which should be cool
white to maintain color rendition.

To replace the lamps simply reverse
the sequence of operations.