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When displaying computer video, the Zoom button takes a different role:

Zoom-Up and –Down will adjust the phase of the display. The
phase affects how the pixels are sampled to fit to the display and, if
set incorrectly will cause jitter, blurring or streaking.

+Zoom-Up and

+Zoom-Down will move the image up and

down on the screen. If the image distorts or disappears when
adjusting this control, simply move back in the opposite direction to
restore the image.

+Brightness will shift the image sideways in a similar manner.

The settings of phase and position are stored for one particular mode of
video input only. So for example, presume you normally use 800 x 600
video at 60Hz and you have adjusted the Andromeda to suit, then the
settings will be saved for this mode and re-used each time you are
displaying this particular mode. Assume you exit to a DOS screen and
readjust either of the phase or position controls, then the phase and
position settings for the new (DOS) mode overwrite those of the
previously saved (800x600) mode. When you return to the 800 x 600
mode, the Andromeda will resort to its internal defaults for this mode.

Refer to Sections 5B and 6D above for details on how to configure the
Andromeda for Computer Video mode.