Folding down and storing, Lock unlock unlock lock – Eschenbach Optik Andromeda User Manual

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floor under your desk. The pedal offers an alternative method of
performing some functions and may not always be required.

Press the red button on the right of the front panel to turn the
Andromeda on. The Andromeda will beep to indicate power-on and the
lamps will light. After a few seconds, the image will appear on the

Release the brake on the
reading table and pull the table
out towards you. If you push
the table back in again, you will
see that the table locks home
only when located centrally
between its legs. Place some
text on the table and you should
see it on the screen.

2. Folding down and storing

Press the red button on the front panel to turn off the unit.

Unplug the foot pedal and any other cables from the rear of the unit.
Unplug the power adapter from the Andromeda and also from the wall

Remove all material from the reading table, park it centrally between its
legs and apply the brakes.

Stow the power supply and other cables in the base of the carry case.

Fold the screen back flat and lift the Andromeda into the case. Never
fold the screen back with an object on the reading table or when there
are cables attached to the rear of the unit.

Never place any object on the screen. The screen can be scratched
or broken easily and damage to it is not covered under warranty.

Close the lid of the case securely before transporting the Andromeda.