Using the andromeda, Setting up, Equipment supplied – Eschenbach Optik Andromeda User Manual

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Equipment Supplied.

Check that the items below have been supplied. If you are missing any
component please contact your dealer.

 Foam lined case for storage and transportation;

 Andromeda reading unit;

 Power adapter with mains cable;

 Monitor cable for connection to external computer;

 Foot pedal;

 User Manual.

Using the Andromeda

1. Setting up

Lift the Andromeda from its case and
place it on a solid, level desk. Raise the
screen upright.

Plug the power adapter into the mains
using the lead provided and insert the
other connector into the socket on the
rear bulkhead of the Andromeda.

Ensure the unit is placed at least 10cms
(4 inches) back from the edge of the
desk. Sit in front of the unit.

If you wish, you can connect the foot
pedal into the socket on the back panel
of the unit and place foot pedal on the

Min 10cm / 4 inches