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The color options are only available in reading mode. Pressing the
assigned function button will cycle through the options available
(including the user-defined option).

If none of the presets work for you (or if you wish to experiment) you can

set the user-defined option by using

+ [Function button] (i.e. press

and hold the focus button and press the particular function button
assigned as “Colors”). The unit will beep to indicate that you are
entering the color selection mode. You can use the Zoom button and
brightness button to set the ink and paper colors. Note that you cannot
display the same color for ink and paper. Pressing the function key
again will exit the adjustment mode. If you do not press a key for five
seconds the Andromeda will automatically exit the selection mode

You will notice that the menu colors will follow the colors chosen for
paper and ink.

6D. VGA (Computer Video Input)

The Andromeda can display computer video and so act as a
computer monitor. When a button is assigned to this function

simply press once to display the computer video and press again to
return to the internal camera. If no computer video is present, a
message to this effect will be displayed on the screen and the
Andromeda will display the internal camera instead.

Refer to Section 8 below for further details.

6E. External Camera

This function operates in an identical manner to VGA above. With
an external source of video connected, press the assigned button

to toggle between internal and external cameras.

Refer to Section 7 below for further details.

6F Freeze