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Colours (User Defined)

Some users may benefit from setting the ink and paper to colours
other than black and white. The Eclipse offers four of the most

commonly used preset colour options and one user-definable option
where the ink and paper colours may each be chosen from any of eight
fore- and background colours.

The colour options are only available in reading mode. Pressing the
assigned function button will cycle through the options available
(including the user-defined option).

If none of the presets work for you (or if you wish to experiment) you can

set the user-defined option by using


(i.e. press and hold the

focus button and press the rightmost function button). The unit will beep
to indicate that you are entering the colour selection mode. You can
use the Zoom buttons and brightness buttons to set the ink and paper
colours. Note that you cannot display the same colour for ink and
paper. Pressing the function key again will exit the adjustment mode. If
you do not press a key for five seconds the Eclipse will automatically
exit the selection mode anyway.


Colour Kill (Photo mode only)

When in photo mode, the colour can be removed from the picture
by pressing the

button. The symbol “

▀▄” appears in the

bottom corner to avoid confusion with the positive reading mode.
Please note that line marker or shutter modes cannot be used
simultaneously with colour kill.

6. The Configuration Menu

Press and hold the mode button

for 2 seconds (alternatively press


) to pop up the configuration menu. Note that the mode will

change upon pressing the button but reverts back to the previous
mode when the menu pops up.