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If, for some reason, you cannot see the menu to choose Factory
Defaults then perform the following sequence of button presses:

• Power the unit off then on again. Wait for a few seconds to allow the

start-up sequence to complete.

• Press and hold the mode button

until the beep is heard.

• Press Zoom-Up once.
• Press Focus once.

• Press the middle function button and the factory defaults should be


7. Distance Camera

The distance camera is designed to allow
distant images to be displayed on the
Eclipse Scholar. The distance camera can
be fixed to the bracket on the top-right of
the display. The thumbscrews should be
loosened to allow the bracket on the base
of the camera to be mounted and then
tighten the thumbscrews to hold the
camera firmly in place. The cable must
then be used to connect the distance camera to the rear of the Eclipse.
The distance camera is supplied with a pouch for carrying it safely.

Please note:
The camera output on the distance camera
was NOT designed to
connect to a computer network! Plugging a network cable into the
camera will potentially damage both the network and the distance
camera irreparably. Similarly, the Eclipse scholar should not be
plugged into a computer network.

To display the image from the distance camera, press the


Obviously if you have changed the button to use for selecting the
camera, you will need to press that one instead (see section 5B for
details). Most of the normal functions of the Eclipse will operate with the
distance camera image. The exception is the zoom-in and out; these
are operated by the buttons on the rear of the distance camera itself.