Basic functions, 4a. reading table, Page 6 – Eschenbach Optik Eclipse Scholar User Manual

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Page 6

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Symbol Name

Basic function


Overview mode zooms out to allow you to
find your place on the reading material
and then returns to the previous zoom

Line marker &

Places a guiding line on the screen or
dims off the top and bottom of the screen.


Allows the use of different ink and paper


Pressing this button on the right or left
increases and decreases the brightness
or contrast of the image.


The mode button switches between
picture mode (for viewing pictures and
images) and reading modes (high
contrast mode). A single press will switch
from picture mode to the last used
reading mode (positive or reversed) or
vice versa. A subsequent press within 2
seconds will switch to the other reading
Pressing and holding this button for 2
seconds will bring up the Configuration
Menu, described in Section 6 below.

4. Basic Functions

This section will describe how to use the basic features of the Eclipse to
magnify text and images. Follow the instructions in section 1 – Setting
before you begin using the unit.

4A. Reading Table

Unlock the table and place the material you want to read on it. The
table should slide easily in all directions. After transport, the bearing
carriers in the table slides may have moved, tending to restrict the
extent of the movement – this is normal. To correct this, extend the
table in all directions to its full extent, applying sufficient force to re-align
the bearing carriers.