Setting up, Folding down and moving, Using the eclipse scholar – Eschenbach Optik Eclipse Scholar User Manual

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Using the Eclipse Scholar

1. Setting up

Lift the Eclipse from its packaging and
place it on a solid, level desk. Raise the
screen upright.

Plug the power adapter into the mains
using the lead provided and insert the
other connector into the socket on the
rear bulkhead of the Eclipse.

Ensure the unit is placed at least 10cms
(4 inches) back from the edge of the
desk. Sit in front of the unit.

Press the red button on the right of the
front panel to turn the Eclipse on. The
Eclipse will beep to indicate power-on
and the lamps will light. After a few seconds, the image will appear on
the screen.

Release the brake on the
reading table and pull the table
out towards you. If you push
the table back in again, you will
see that the table locks home
only when located centrally
between its legs. Place some
text on the table and you should
see it on the screen.

The distance camera is discussed in a later section of this manual.

2. Folding down and moving

Turn off the unit and unplug the power adapter from the Eclipse and
also from the wall socket. Disconnect the distance camera cable and

Min 10cm / 4 inches