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Important Safety Information

Please read all of the following instructions before setting

up your Eclipse. Failure to follow these instructions

properly could lead to physical injury.

• The Eclipse must be used on a flat, level table. Never attempt to use it on a

sloping surface or on a table that cannot accommodate the full footprint of
the unit.

• The front of the Eclipse must be placed at least 10cms or 4 inches back from

the edge of the table. This is to prevent the unit from tipping forward if
excessive weight is placed on the reading table when fully extended. There
are warning labels placed on the reading table with arrows indicating the
maximum overhang permissible when the table is fully extended.

• Both X/Y table and Screen contain moving parts. Please take care with

folding back the screen and operating the X/Y table. If fingers get caught,
injury might occur. If you feel you cannot operate the unit safely, please seek
advice or contact your supplier.

• Never lift the Eclipse by the reading table.
• To prevent fire or electric shock please ensure this unit is kept away from all

liquids. Do not use the unit in excessively damp or wet areas and do not
expose it to rain, snow, etc.

• Before cleaning the unit, please ensure that it is unplugged. Use a slightly

damp cloth to clean the exterior. Do NOT use solvents or aerosol cleaners.

• This unit should never be opened. It contains hazardous voltages. User

servicing is confined to changing the lamps. Unauthorized servicing will
invalidate your warranty. If you encounter any problems with this unit please
contact your local dealer.

• When changing the lamps, please follow the instructions carefully.
• While we have made every effort to minimize the weight of this unit, if you

feel you cannot safely lift it, seek help when moving it.

• Before moving the unit, unplug the power adapter, ensure the screen is

folded back and the reading table is parked home with the brakes applied.

• Use only with the power adapter provided.
• Never place any object on the screen. The screen can be scratched or

broken easily and damage to it is not covered under warranty.