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Full Auto Focus: When selected the camera will constantly monitor
and adjust its focus without the user’s intervention.

Push To Focus: When selected the camera will only adjust the
focus position when Zoom In or Zoom Out buttons are pressed.
The hand symbol will flash to indicate that the camera is
still focussing on the image. When this symbol is not
flashing the focus position is fixed until the Zoom buttons
are pressed.

Menu Color...
Changes the menu color and overview pointer -:- to seven different
preset colors. Scroll up or down to select the color you wish.

User Settings...
Allows the user to store and restore camera Set-Up

Save Settings: When selected the camera’s current; zoom position,
menu color, focus mode, middle button function and current viewing
mode (normal or mirrored) will be saved.

Load Settings: When selected the saved user settings will be restored.
Ideal for Lecture room situations where your desk position is fixed.

Factory Defaults: Restores the Factory settings. Performs lens
initialisation to help prolong camera life.

Exit Submenu
Brings user back into the main Menu.

Exit Menu
Select to exit menu.

7D. Maintenance of the Distance Camera

If dust appears on the image use a lens cleaning brush (available from a
photographic store) to clean the lens of the camera. If the pan
movement of the camera becomes too loose tighten the M4 hex screw
seen on the camera mount.